“Above all else, we’re guides.”

Spark! is a team of compassionate ideators, strategists, and mobilizers who love building vibrant communities.
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Spark!'s Purpose

We believe leaders have a personal and ethical responsibility to help create vibrant communities. But that can’t happen in a vacuum or behind closed doors. “Real people” have to be empowered to help create shared visions. Spark! knows how to make that happen by forging Reciprocal Partnerships™.

We can design the strategic solutions you need to manifest your vision and make your big dreams come true.

We can help you paint a clear picture of the results you’re working toward, which gets everyone excited about the building process.

We make complex systems change inspiring, vivid, and fun for everyone involved. Even in the face of uncertainty, risk, or setbacks, our unshakeable focus on what’s working keeps spirits high and everyone advancing together.

Ready to make a positive change? So are we!

How We Work

After eight years of helping business, philanthropic, and government organizations, we know that if you want to build thriving communities, you need to:
See the whole system.
Use human-centered research and data to identify existing challenges and strengths through the lens of unity.
Ensure balanced representation.
Be representative of the broader cross-section of community to understand lived experiences— both grassroots and grasstops.
Lead with convening power.
Bring leaders to the table to envision what’s possible and necessary to improve under-resourced communities.
Use data to drive action.
Track, measure, and evaluate the positive effects that collaborative changes have on communities.
Spark! is here to help organizations accomplish all of the above. We offer different products and services to fit each client’s particular needs, but generally, we guide clients as follows.

The Spark! Method™:

We’d love to hear about your challenges and goals.

Meet the Team

Every member of our crew has been intentionally selected for their passion and perspective as much as their experience and abilities. Each person brings their full humanness to their Spark! role, and together our team accomplishes work we find exciting, challenging, gratifying, and important.
Shannon McGuire
Chief Empowerment Officer
“Above all else, I’m a mom.”
Brianna Woolsey
Project Director
“Above all else, I’m a helper.”
Christine Corcoran
Project Coordinator
“Above all else, I’m a friend.”
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Jackie Kirk
Graphic Designer
“Above all else, I’m inquisitive.”
Adrian Castaneda
Data & Technology Specialist
“Above all else, I'm a helper”
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What could you accomplish with an engaged community?