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Origins 2.0: What’s new in 2023

Illustration of Idaho flying a plane in sky pulling a banner that says new and Imporived Origins: The Power of Personal Story
If you’ve been following along with Spark! for a while, you’ve probably heard about “Origins: The Power of Personal Story” once or twice before. You might even be one of our esteemed alumni! But if you’re new, that’s a-okay. Let’s bring you up to speed.

Human-Centered YOUnity™ is our secret sauce, our unique approach to bringing unity into your workplace. “Origins: The Power of Personal Story” is the first of our three-part master class series dedicated to unifying you and your team. And it all starts with YOU.

With “Origins,” you look inward. By defining and reclaiming the personal story of YOU—your personal hero’s journey—Spark! guides you and your team to find a deeper understanding of yourselves. Understanding who we are as individuals is the first step toward collaborating to create a better future for ourselves and our communities.

So what’s different about “Origins?”

Up until now, we’ve been offering “Origins: The Power of Personal Story” both virtually and, more recently, in-person to our community partners. And we’re so excited to continue doing what we do.

You may remember Shannon McGuire as the face of Spark! for our previous online course offering. Well, now I am ready to step in and lead our online courses!

(That’s me, Ida.)

Everything else is the same, don’t worry! Same exercises, and the same thought-provoking questions. I’ve tried to replicate that magical Shannon McGuire energy, but I think you’ll find I might have a little magic myself.

What if I already paid for the older version?

No worries! If you already paid for the older version of “Origins: The Power of Personal Story,” you still have access to it whenever you like. If you’ve never taken the course online before but you want to, then sign up today.
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