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In-person Origins workshop

In September, Spark! Facilitated an in-person Origins workshop for a group of HR professionals in the skilled nursing industry.

Spark! chose to provide the Origins workshop to this group because of its focus on reclaiming personal story in order to better understand self and connect with others. Additionally, Spark! Intentionally positioned this workshop to inspire personal accountability and to build the career paths attendees are seeking.

We got some great feedback from the group. Some feedback we are especially excited about includes:
  • Our ability to personalize content and information to meet the needs of our partners and audience

  • Providing information and tools that can be applied in daily life (at work, at home, and in the community)

  • Creating space to discuss hard topics in a respectful and intentional manner

  • Aligning team members around priorities through focusing on shared goals
Following this training, our team is excited to continue providing Origins:he Power of Personal Story sessions to organizations around Idaho. This training, and our Human-Centered YOUnity™ framework inform everything we do as an organization.

If you think Origins could help support professional, and personal, development at your organization, drop us a line.
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