Ida from Spark!

Hi! We’re Spark!

In networking, partnership development, or even when we try to understand what it is our friend does for work, we often ask the question, “what do you do?” 

At Spark! Strategic Solutions, above all else, we are guides. We help leaders build harmonious and co-creative communities. 

For over eight years we have worked with government, business, and philanthropic organizations and our guiding principles include: 

  • Seeing the whole system: using human-centered research and data to identify existing challenges and strengths through the lens of unity. 
  • Ensuring balanced representation: supporting the representation of the broader cross-section of community to understand lived experiences - both grassroots and grasstops. 
  • Leading with convening power: bringing leaders to the table to envision what’s possible and necessary to improve under-resourced communities. 
  • Using data to drive action: tracking, measuring, and evaluating the positive effects that collaborative changes have on communities. 

These principles are embedded in our leadership development, strategic action planning, and reciprocal partnerships services and products. 

We lead leaders to fulfill their potential by building bridges, making big dreams come true, and achieving unity. 

Ready to make the world a better place? We’re here for you. 
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