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Above All Else Role

Sometimes the first question you get asked when you meet someone new, after exchanging names, is “So, what do you do?” This is a script that has been modeled for us and so each individual is unintentionally hardwired to lead with this question - mostly because it is kind of a safe one to ask.

At Spark! we don’t answer this question in the traditional sense. If you take a look at our bios on the website, you might see a term we all have at the top, “Above all else…

Above all else is a powerful tool we use to introduce ourselves in a new and impactful way. Rather than a role or a title, at Spark! we are all encouraged to be an individual. We are aware, there is a lot of pressure to show up as your full-authentic self, this is a pressure in corporate America.1 Many companies are simultaneously navigating what full-authentic self is and is not appropriate in the workplace?

To navigate this, consider for a moment, how would it feel if the next time you are asked, “So, what do you do?” you were able to answer with a short, concise description of who you are versus what your title or role is. Would that leave room for a more open dialogue to engage with someone else? Would that provide an opportunity to share more of your full-authentic self in an appropriate and thoughtful way?

Above all else provides a genuine and engaging way for each individual to introduce themselves as they are, in their own words, and share their own story.

So what is your above all else role?
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1 McPherson, S. (2021, February 12). How Much of Your “Authentic Self” Should You Really Bring to Work? Harvard Business Review. Retrieved March, 2022, from 
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